Sunday, July 13, 2014

Don't be stupid

From the editor: Below was an email Nat sent to me that wasn't intended for the blog, but I loved it so I told her I was going to add it :)

I'm not going to be able to write up a good email, which is still okay because you still haven't updated my blog. :)

But, I want to tell you about President Mullen...

So he met us by zone. Everyone was there early looking their best and it's custom that we stand when the mission President walks into the room. First the AP's come zooming in and they were being all sorts of funny while we waited for President Mullen and as soon as he walked in, we stood and he says "Oh don't do that! Don't stand for me!"

And then Sister Mullen says "Seriously, we aren't general authorities, we just want to serve right along with you". 

Of course, we remained standing, but it was so precious. They are SO sweet and so emotional. At least 10 times they said they don't want us to stand for them ever again. Which in all honesty I have mixed feelings about because the spirit is so strong when we do. Every time we stand when a mission president or general authority or the prophet walk in it's undeniable that they are men called of God.

They then talked to us and told us about them and their vision for the mission. President Mullen's theme was "Don't be stupid". He said it like a hundred times and would always follow saying "Now you won't ever hear me say that again. I'm going to be very positive with you and say things like 'Be wise' but know that I'm really saying 'Don't be stupid".  

I love him, but the coolest part of the whole thing was when Sister Mullen was talking to us about the training they received from the First Presidency and the Quorum of the 12 Apostles (which would have been the coolest meeting EVER ) and she said that Elder Christopherson (I think) stood and said with great emotion "We love the missionaries. They are our companions is this great work. I wish that you could understand how precious each one of them is in the sight of the Lord

She of course was crying as she said it, and it was hard for the rest of us not to cry. 

We need that. We take great comfort in that. Knowing that every day the brethren are praying for us specifically and that every week in the temple in a special room none of us are allowed in, there is a prayer lead by the Prophet, circled by Christ's disciples, praying specifically for us.

Mom one day I hope you get to serve a mission. It seriously is the greatest. It's the holiest and most sacred calling there is. Elder Holland said so. I love being a missionary. I love serving the Lord. I love you.

(email sent July 7, 2014)

Sister Olsen thinks she's really funny and will take photos of me with our phone when I'm not looking and set them as our background.
Then last night she started taking photos of me on her camera... 

So I decided to help her out :)

"We are now in a trio!'

God has a great sense of humor

I love my life.

Seriously. Every day I am saying "okay THIS is the new best day of my life!"

Every. Day.

Everyone should serve a mission. They're the bomb.

And let me tell you why...

You know how we have to get OYMs? Well just about every missionary has a love/hate relationship with them. We are told to talk to everyone that we see but on some days that's just too hard because we have so many appointments and so we end up running around a park or parking lot talking to the 20.

One day this week we were talking to people at the park. I wish someone was videotaping us because the darndest things happen when we're getting our OYMs...

A couple of times a week we are interrupting some couple making out or cuddling or this week it was spanking each other and there is honestly nothing more awkward than saying "Hey sorry to interrupt, but I'm a representative of Jesus Christ and I was wondering if you wanted a blessing by chance

9 out of 10 times they laugh in our face. Good times!

So I am walking away from said situation when I see a couple walking with their backs to me on my right and a man watching his dog run around the park to my left. I needed 3 more... This is where it gets hard. Most of the time I can't lie I run after the couple because I am that much closer to being done, but every once in a while I feel a little guilty and go for the lone wolf.

This was one of those nights and I'm sad to say... Big mistake.

Of course! He just wanted to bash. It was lame. He was trying to be nice because I'm a girl and all, but he just wanted to tell me about everything he doesn't like about not only the Mormon religion but others as well. Sister Olsen ended up coming over to make sure I was okay and realized what was going on and so we all ended up sitting down having a nice little talk until it got dark.

I was pretty frustrated afterward because he did all of the talking, so we didn't really have a chance to testify or invite him to do anything, but we did try to make one point clear...

He kept saying "you guys believe you are the 'new and improved' with your modern prophets and commandments blah blah blah" but he seriously said it over and over again. 

He finally took a breath so I took my chance and said "I really respect you and am impressed with the knowledge that you have, but I want to clarify one thing…we don't in any way believe that we have the new and improved gospel. It's the same exact gospel that Jesus Christ established. It was RESTORED."

He said I was wrong and continued so we ended up walking away in silence then Sister Olsen goes "God has a great sense of humor". I asked her why and she says...

"I needed 7 more OYMs and there was a single lady walking right toward me, but there was a family of about five a little farther off and I couldn't decide what to do.  I went back and forth, back and forth, then decided to go with the family. Literally as soon as I turned toward them, the sprinkler turned on and hit me right in the face. The Dad saw everything it was greattttttt".

Haha I was grateful for my bashing friend Benny after that. :)

Here's another great OYM story for the week

Sister Olsen and I have been trying to be better about what we eat so we decided no more desserts... It was a killer. 

Every night when we walk in our apartment I say "sooo who wants a cookie!?" We pathetically look in the cupboard and start munching on some styrofoam aka plain rice cakes. Yuck.

So it was late one night while we were OYMing and Sister Olsen turns to me and says "I really want a cookie" Yeah Im not strong enough for that so I say "I'm in!"

We decided to run into Vons (Safeway) and grab cookies from their bakery. We had 3 dollars left over from some money a member gave us for dinner and I had two dollars in my wallet. We were walking in all giddy about what we could get with our $5!

We're pathetic.

We went in and walked past the deli where there was a black lady talking to the deli lady. She looks at us and goes "Hey are you Mormons!?

We turn around, still all giddy, and say "Yes we are!

She smiles, says bye to her friend and then asks for help. She tells us a story about how her house burned down the night before and her family is in the Super 8 and they have nowhere to go. She keeps telling us that she's not lying and that she doesn't have enough money to keep the room for one more night. Then I kid you not she says "I am just 5 dollars short, do you think you could help me out?"

I can't lie, I paused then sort of giggled to myself and said "Well, I have some really good news. We have exactly $5" as I reached into my bag and grab it. I look up to hand her the money and she has tears streaming down her face. She hugged us and said thank you over and over and then we went our separate ways...

Isn't that so cool!? I have such a strong testimony that God puts us right where we need to be. I have no idea if she was telling the truth, for all I know she could have used the money for drugs, but I don't care because I know that the money was not mine to have, it was hers.

Goodness I seriously haven't even gotten to the best part of my wholeeee life.

When I came to Hemet I walked into two baptisms. Carey and Harmony. They are teenage girls that decided to go to church with Carey's grandma, then decided to take the discussions, then decided to go to seminary, then decided to go to trek last week, get baptized yesterday to then go to girl's camp next week... Nbd.

"This is our ward mission leader and his buddy Luke, Harmony, Carey, Sister Olsen,
me and Sister Buskie. Oh happy day!"
So on Saturday we were just about to leave to go type up the programs for the baptism, which was super great because we had the youth do everything and our ward mission leader, who lost his left leg on mission (two transfers before he went home he was hit by a train) was going to baptize them.

When we get a phone call from Maria.

I answered the phone and she says "I want my kids to be baptized in English ward tomorrow. What do I have to do to do that?"

Yes, Im serious.

All week we were talking to her and the Elders trying to explain that going to Spanish ward was going to be best for their eternal family. (I wrote all about it last week.) It was super emotional for me. But this week Maria kept telling us that she wanted to go to the English ward, so then we sent the Elders over and she agreed to go to the Spanish ward...

Side noteone of the elders "convinced" them by saying "if this was a $10 church and this was a $1 church, which one would you choose?" Obviously Felipe said the $10 one and then the elders says "that's the Spanish ward".


When they told us that and I said "woah what!? No! It's the same church! They're both $10 churches!"

Seriously Elders, get it together.

Anyway, when Maria called she also said that she doesn't want the Elders coming over anymore and that she wants to go to English ward to which I responded...

"Okay, we can do that. Can we come over at 7 to have them interviewed?"

Which we did. Which they rocked. Which made yesterday the best day of my mission.

But it gets even better...

The baptismal font is in the Primary room and we scheduled the baptism right after church so people could just stay a little longer for the baptism. Well while we were in the hall taking pictures everyone starts flooding out of the Primary room, literally 5 minutes before it starts.

So many people came to the baptism that we had to do it in the cool is that?

When we went back in the Primary room for the actual ordinance it was PACKED. Half of the people in there had to stand.

Sister Olsen and I were standing at the top of the stairs so we could give them a big hug with their towels as they walked was seriously the best thing ever.

The spirit was so strong and it was amazing to watch Brother Bagley baptize them. He had to have his buddy Luke hold him for balance, but it was flawless and the first time he has baptized since his mission.

Oh and when it was Gweneth's and Felipe's turn, Bagley did it in Spanish. Which brings tears to my eyes just writing about it because we didn't know that he was going to do that and it made it so that the 3 family members that were there could feel the spirit through the power of the priesthood.
"Happy Sabbath with the Gonzalez family!"
I love my life. I seriously do. I wish you could all come and be at these baptisms. They are the best.

This mission is the best. This week we also had our last multi-zone with President and Sister Smart. 

Ughhh I can't even write about it without crying!

It was all good until the end. President did a Q & A about how it was all going to work and then he had Sister Smart bear her testimony. So grateful I was sitting next to my girl Anderson because we were sobbing. Actually the tears all started when one of the elders during the Q & A asked President if he could extend. It was weird, it was awful, but it was good. I know that President Mullen is called of God and that he is going to be great, but the best way I can describe the whole experience is it was like saying goodbye to my parents all over again.

We sang the closing hymn "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" which we always stand out of respect for them. I actually pulled myself together during the hymn. I don't know how, lots of prayer I guess. And then we sat down for the closing prayer... I must have missed it when it was announced, but President Smart said the benediction.

In 3 Nephi we read about Jesus praying over the little children but that they can't write what he said because it was too sacred and too powerful. This was sort of like that, just not as sacred. He expressed gratitude for our work and then began to bless us. He called upon the authority through the priesthood keys that he holds and emotionally blessed us. There were a lot of people crying after that.

"Last time with President and Sister Smart"

"I wish we took an actual picture of it, but this is me asking President if I can hug him…
he said yes :)"
I am so grateful for this opportunity that I have to serve. I know I say that a lot but you really don't get it until you serve. The mission is the best thing that ever happened to me.

I love you all,

Sister Nelson
(email received June 23, 2014)

An awesome email

Okay so I have to send this to you. A real tear jerker... This was Presidents email this week. And I don't know if you remember, but he only has 3 more weeks in the mission... :(:(:(

From President Smart...

As you probably know, Elder Perry visited and trained the Stake Presidencies and Bishops who serve in our mission boundary on Saturday, and then spoke at the Moreno Valley Stake Conference on Sunday.

Sister Smart and I had an opportunity to visit with him, too. While we visited, Sister Smart asked, "Elder Perry, what would you want our missionaries to know?" Elder Perry replied with this answer, "Tell them they have, and are doing a marvelous job. Tell them to stay strong and keep on doing the good that they are engaged in. They are doing a hard thing. The people of the world are losing their faith. The missionaries in this mission need to continue to stand as a beacon of light and hope to the world. Tell them to stay strong and active in the gospel. Tell them to attend the temple often after they return home. Tell them the only place they will ever find peace is staying true to the things they are teaching."

Elder Perry is 91 years old, but he is full of life and energy. He extends his love and admiration to each of you. Sister Smart and I do the same. We love you and are so grateful for the opportunity we have to work together with you in this great cause.


President and Sister Smart

PS - Don't forget to send copies of your baptism pictures. We only have a couple of weeks left before we will be making the baptism DVD for our June Multi-zone conference.

I love him. I love Elder Perry. I love this gospel.

(email received June 23, 2014)

This is HIS work and HIS glory

I am so sorry.

I truly do feel bad for my lack of updates the past few months, especially with all of the blessings I've received. Today I'll repent and try to make restitution.

Each P-Day in Corona was stressful for me to write weekly letters because there wasn't as much work to talk about. In Hemet just about every day I say "I can't wait to write home about this" so when Monday rolls along it's too stressful to try to "update" because there is SO much to talk about. But that's blessed stress if you ask me.

I am going to update you on only two of our investigating families this week. There is at least 4 or 5 others I could talk about who were miracles just the same, but this week I want to focus on Ashley and Travis and the Gonzalez family because this week, I, like Nephi, "pray[ed] continually for them by day, and mine eyes water[ed] my pillow by night because of them; and I cr[ied] unto my God in faith, and I know that He [did] hear my cr[ies] and... consecrate my prayers".

Ashley and Travis are a young couple who have been through a lot. If you saw them walking down the street at first glance you'd judge them. You'd judge them by their skin of tattoos and facial piercings. But at second glace, you'd begin to repent because you would see that they are a lovely couple who have put everything they have into their newborn son Abel.

A little over a month ago, the elders OYM'd them in a parking lot and to their surprise, Travis was an inactive member with a non member girlfriend who had just had a baby.  They were wanting to get involved in a church so their son would be raised the way God intended.

Luckily for us, they live in our area so the elders had to hand them over. :)

By the time I arrived in Hemet, they had already been taught the restoration. Before I was able to meet them, all I kept hearing was how humble and sweet they are and how precious baby Abel is. The only concern was that they were not married which is a requirement if you are living with someone, before baptism. Well, that or being separated, which was not an option in this case.

The day I met them was the day I became obsessed with them. Everything I had heard was truer than true and it has only gotten better.

When you're a missionary and you find a concern and then the first thing you should do is resolve it, naturally. Which is exactly what we did. We taught and testified of the importance of not having sexual relationships outside the bonds of marriage and how when we are sealed in the temple, not only are we sealed to our spouse, but our children as well. 

Pure bliss.

Then we said "Ashley before you are baptized you must be married..." and with a smirk on her face she turned and looked at Travis. Bashfully, he said they had full intent of getting married before the baby came, but that it just didn't happen. 

And then Ashley says "I've been trying to get him to marry me for the past 2 years!"  

Haha we all laughed and then Travis said that they looked into it all and that they just want a courthouse wedding first so that they can all have the same last name and the cost of that will be $136. 

Once he said that, I sort of interrupted and said "woah wait what!? $136? Oh do I have exciting news for you! You guys only have to pay for the $90 license and Bishop can marry you for free!"

They. Were. So. Excited.

So instead of starting with a baptismal date, we set a marriage date and Ashley was being all funny about it and kept saying "Don't look at me! I'd marry you tomorrow! This is your thing".

Travis decided to do it the weekend he got paid, which was about 3 weeks away.

Then WE were excited.

Next we got into the baptismal date, and Travis says "well, why not just do it the next day? Can we do that?"

"YES! Yes, we can do that!!"

So on Friday Ahsley was interviewed.
On Saturday they were married in Bishop's office.
And yesterday Ashley was baptized.

Travis, Abel, Ashley, Nat and Sister Olsen
There is so much joy that comes from watching someone covenant with the Lord through baptism. But there is "exceedingly great joy" when that ordinance makes them one step closer to being an eternal family.

After the baptism Travis said "This is my first Father's Day and I don't think there will be a better one."

I love them. Sincerely love them and am so excited for them.

It's not always like that, you know. People will meet with us and receive all the lessons, if not most. They'll come to church 3 times. They'll repent and change their lives...

And then they'll move. Or...
He won't marry her. Or...
He gets offended. Or...
He goes to jail.

Seriouslyall of that has happened this past month. So the feelings we have for those who endure and enter through the gate that leads to the most sacred and eternal blessings of them all, is indescribable.

They're miracles. That's what they are...miracles.

And every day we see miracles.

Such as the Gonzalez family...

Now I know that I wrote about them before and that I am going to repeat myself, but bear with me. I just want you to really remember what they mean to me.

When I first got here in hemet, Sister Olsen and I were spending the day visiting part member families with very little luck. It was late afternoon, probably 100 degress, when again we knock with no answer. As we walk back to the car, Sister olsen stops for a second, looks at me and with a little hesitation says "Do you want to just tract this street?"

NO. I really didn't want to. I was a sweaty, hot and tired mess and I honestly thought it would be a waste of time, but the street wasn't very long so I followed behind my faithful companion to the next house. We knock and to my surprise the door opened and sweet Maria Gonzalez welcomed us in to leave a blessing with her family.

She gathered her 3 children, 2 who are of age of accountability, and we start talking. It was more of a "let's chat and become friends" rather than a "what needs can we include in this blessing" kind of thing. We fell in love with them really quick, so we were excited to invite them to baptism after the blessing. The spirit was SO strong as we extended the invitation and they all agreed that was something they wanted to do.

There was a pause for a moment, then Maria turns to her children and goes off in Spanish (for the most part she has her children translate for her) and they looked at her and kept saying "Si!Si!" then looked at us and said "Our mom told us that this isn't something we are going to do and then never go to church again, this is something we will do for the rest of our lives."


I thought the room was going to expload there was so much spirit. They became our miracle family. We offered to have the Spanish elders come teach, but Maria said she understands English and wants us to teach them... This seriously might have been the best day of my life.

As we taught them we loved them more and more. They are beyond elect.

But we had a concern. The same concern we had with Ashleywere Maria and Felipe actually married??

Apparently that's a frequent problem we have here in Hemet USA.

Sister Olsen and I prayed for a way that they could all be sealed together, for all eternity. And like we all know, God heard and answered our prayers.

The Law of Chastity was the 3rd lesson we taught and because of the little children that were present, we handed Maria the pamphlet and said that we weren't going to go into too much detail so she should read it on her own that night.

We turn to the children and say, "the law of chastity is pretty much that we don't want to have babies until after we're married."

In unison they quickly look at their mom, giggle, then look back at us and say "our mom and dad aren't married". Then the youngest says "I thought we have babies and then get married!" :)

We all awkwardly laughed and then Sister Olsen and I began to testify of eternal families. As we talked with Maria she told us how they've been together for 15 years, but the last couple of years she feels like she's the only one putting in any effort. She still really wants to get baptized but doesn't want to separate (for the kids) and doesn't want to get married just to get divorced.

We offered the only other solution we could think of and that was if her boyfriend also took the lessons then maybe he would put in more effort for his eternal family. She agreed.

This part I am going to have to sum up really quick. And to me it's the best part because it's the part in missionary work when we truly feel God's love for His children. Through lots of meetings and some disappointing phone calls, we decided with the Spanish Elders, that it would be best for the boyfriend and his future family to be baptized in the Spanish ward. It was hard to let them go especially with all the lessons taught and just 8 days before the children's baptisms.

But, I am not here for numbers or my own glory. I am here so that families will one day be glorified with our Heavenly Father.

I cried the whole day they officially weren't "ours" but I am so grateful that in a few weeks, the Gonzalez family will be baptized and begin the journey to the temple.

This is why we are here, to find the lost, teach the elect and baptize the repentant. This is the work of the Lord, the holiest work I will do, and there are no more important 18 months of my life.

This is HIS work and HIS glory. It was for this purpose the Savior came to earth and gave His life and was resurrected, so we could open the possibilities and promises of eternal life. How grateful I am to be called to this great and most sacred work.

I know that my Redeemer lives.
I know the truth has been restored.
I know we are the children of a loving Heavenly Father.
And I know one day we will live with Him again.

I know these things to be true and I know you can too. Do the work. Have the faith and trust in your Father who wants you to feel the exceedingly great joy of the gospel. I so testify, humbly, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Sister Nelson
(email received June 16, 2014)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Fruitful in Fruitvale

Ello Chaps!

Okay so I haven't been the best at sending an email home AND it sounds like Mom hasn't been the best at updating the blog... Sorry, not sorry for being SO busy. I'm speaking for the both of us :)

Here's a quickie update:

  • Got transferred from Corona after a solid 9 months!
  • Now in the ghetto. Fruitvale ward in good ole Hemet USA!
  • Released from STL (not sad about it, it's a blessing) and I'm comps with Sister Olsen! Love her. She says funny things like "our phone is on the fritz!"
  • In a car.
  • So much work we didn't use our whole lunch hour a single day this week.
  • Investigators for dayzzzzz!
  • Word.
Nat and Sister Olsen taking a break in the shade I can't believe all of the things that happened this week. Hemet is golden. That doesn't even begin to explain how much I love it here. I also don't think I have enough time to share everythinggggg so I'll share the best part...

Especially since I only have 15 minutes...

So we were driving around trying to meet some inactive part member families. Not too much luck. We were at a loss of what to do and decided just to tract the street we were on. It wasn't very long so we could tough the heat.

We walked to the next door and knocked. A sweet early 30's Hispanic lady opened the door, we offered her a blessing and she let us in. Normally I would be way more excited, but we've been giving blessings like nobody's business over here 

No, I'm not lucky I'm blessed. Yes.

We sat and chatted a little bit. Acutally let's stop here for a second. One of my top 10 tips for missionaries is to be normal! It's okay to chat with people even if it's not religious talk. You were called to your area for your personality. Don't lose it.

So we were chatting and laughing and having a jolly good time and Maria (the mom) says "you're not Mormon are you?

That question always makes your heart drop a little 

We said "yes" and then she goes "oh good!" 

Thank goodness.

She goes on to tell us that she has had lessons before when they were living in Chicago for a short period of time and they really loved it, but when they moved here they lost contact and didn't know where to goand then we showed up!

We left a blessing and then of course, talked about the Restoration and The Book of Mormon and invited her to baptism... To which they all (being her and her two kids Gweneth-11 and Phillipe-9) nod their heads and say "yes!

Then Maria started talking to them in Spanish, she can understand what we're saying but is a bit insecure about her English so she tries and then just has her kids translate for her. 

Gweneth turns to us and says "she just told us that this isn't something that we are going to do and then just stop, that it's something we are going to do for the rest of our lives"

Uh we DREAM about stuff like this. 

It's fine. Just living the dream over here!

We put them on date for baptism and scheduled another lesson for later in the week.

So we go back to teach the Restoration fully and it was AWESOME. They got it and were answering questions before we would even ask them! 

Seriously, half way through the lesson Maria started talking about how when we pray to God with sincere desire that's when our prayers are answered... when we really want and believe they can be. 

Little did she know she was quoting a prophet who had said that 1500 years earlier... Moroni 10:3-5.

They went to mexico for the weekend so they weren't able to go to church, but she explained again that even though they can't go this week they intend on going every Sunday for the rest of their lives.

Oh my gosh I can't believe I forgot this part

When we went back for the return appointment she told us how she had called her Dad to tell him that she was getting baptized and how excited she is (which to us was exciting enough) and then goes on to say that her Dad was so excited and that he got a little bit emotional because

He was baptized Mormon too!!!

And so were some of her other family members. Those would be the people she is spending the 3-day weekend with.... Happy Memorial Day!

I have such a strong testimony that Heavenly Father loves all of His children and wants us all to return and live with Him again. He is preparing them. I promise you He is, just open your mouth and share the gospel with your friends and family. If you think about it there is no greater act of love.

I am praying for you all.

Love you longtime,

Sister Nelson
(email received May 26, 2014)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We live in a world full of krazy kats!

Momma Nelson said my peeps want an email update....

So, this is for the peeps.

I really should be excited because we picked up a new investigator this week! 

M I R A C L E let me tell ya.

We had lunch with all of the sisters in Corona for Sister Mangums birthday (don't have a picture sorry about that) and we were just having a jolly good time at Chipotle when I checked the phone and saw that we were blown up! 

That NEVER happens.

We had 3 missed calls and 3 text messages from our dear Sister Sutherland from the ward. All I can remember is that one of the texts said "Where are you?? I have a baptism for you!

So we called her and told her we'd be there in 10 minutes.

We arrived and met the Kat. Actually, her name is Kathy. It's fine. Apparently they had a very spiritual experience watching an Irish man singing Hallelujah while marrying a couple 

It's non-LDS related and is going viral? #kray

Well after feeling the spirit through that they watched a fireside on youtube (LDS related) and that was also very powerful and afterwards Sister Sutherland says "Kathy, you need to be's time!"

Then we walked in and since she had felt the spirit she obviously needs to be baptized so we went over what she needed to do to make that happen... 

First, we mentioned the interview questions and told her that we will go over those with her (which we did later and she passed) and that she needs to come to church 3 times before she can be baptized. 

She said "So, could I go to the 9 o'clock, 11 o'clock and 2 o'clock wards?

We giggled and said that it doesn't really work like that... #krazykool

We closed up the meeting with watching #becauseofhim, obvi, and she loved it and felt the spirit again and cried and still wanted to be baptized... on Mother's Day! (I forgot to add that little detail!) :)

We left all excited and called our District Leader freaking out and having a really good time.

Until Thursday, our next lesson...

We told Kat that even though she already knows everything (she has had the lessons a few times and was active a couple of years ago, just never baptized) that we were still going to teach them again, just in case.

We taught her the Restoration and she LOVED it. 

Seriously, REALLY loved it. 

She had us recite the first vision TWICE... #kray

So, we have this bomb of a lesson, say a closing prayer, oh and we gave her some more commitments to keep and then as we were walking out the door talking about coming to church on Sunday...

*Ladies and gentlemen, please keep all hand and feet inside the car cause we are going for a ride*

She begins to tell us that she doesn't like the people at church! 

She has nicknames for them such asa man who she claims took everything away from her she calls Steingrabber instead of Steingraber. Oh and there is a lady who is apparently evil (she's really not, she's the sweetest and we love her) whose name is Gaylene and she calls her Gaymean.

And to make matters worse, she goes on a little rant about how she is going to get "Gaymean" in the 
bathroom and give her a swirly... #kraykeepskomin

Sister Tucker and I were walking as fast as we could to the car saying under our breath "Please make it stop. Please stop talking. Why is this happening?"

I literally thought that I was going to have a heart attack at church yesterday because "Steingrabber" sat right next to the door at church so we were both praying that Krazy Kat wouldn't come in swinging. 

Sister Tucker was so stressed she literally developed a zit by the time we were in Relief Society.

Kat didn't end up attending sacrament, but did make it to the last two hours. Relief Society was the best. And by best, I mean worst.

She was talking to the people around her about other sisters and the reasons she doesn't like them and she wasn't doing it quietly. We had all sorts of questions after church from just about every member of the ward.

But it's fine. We're all krazy and we all need to be baptized. Even the Kats.

Needless to say, tomorrows lessons is going to be about charity and that we are ALL children of God.

I'm out of time, but I love you all!

Peace out peeps!


Sister Kool

"Me and my girl Amy"

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Hello my dear Brothers and Sisters,

So this week there isn't much to write about which is actually good because I really wanted to spend this email focusing on the Savior.

So here's a quick recap before we get to the good stuff:

Sick missionaries. 
No investigators. 
No contact with Sienna. 
Bike was stolen. 
Zero mail. 
In 95 degree weather.
But, still happy livin' the good life.

Okay now before you continue reading, please remove any distractions, take a deep breath and watch this video:

 (For more info go to

It's fine. You can watch it 100 more times. I get it. I'm obsessed too.

Isn't it so good!? The church really rocked it this time. I don't think I've seen a better Easter message in my entire life.

It gave me a whole new outlook on Easter. Normally, I am full of gratitude for Christ dying for us and that through that sacrifice we are able to be made whole by the cleansing power of the Atonement. 

Which I still feel 100%, but this video reminds me that the sacrifice was for each one of us, no matter our religious beliefs. 

That we are all here because of Christ. That nothing would be possible without Him. He is our greatest gift, our greatest blessing. It is through Him we can have eternal peace and joy. It's through Him that we can start over and over and over again.

And do you know what's really cool? He lives. And we will too. We will all be reunited once again, in perfect bodies after this life.

But, we can't take that for granted. We have to act now. We've been given all the tools that we need to be the most successful in this life and the life to come, but we must use them every day. 

We need to be on our knees morning and night pleading with the Lord, trying to align ourselves with His will. We must diligently study the scriptures every day to receive answers and to nourish our souls with the word of God. We must be humble and change, repent of the things we've done wrong and strive to become more like our Savior.

Most importanly, we need to make partaking of the sacrament our number one priority. 

Those 15 minutes are vital to our week. That's the fresh start. That's being born again. That's our second chance when we partake of the bread and water in remembrance our Master and King. 

I don't think that we will ever fully comprehend what the Savior accomplished during His earthly ministry, especially in the Garden of Gethsemane, but I do know that we have the chance to come closer to Him each day by applying His teachings to our lives.

And do you want to know the best part? The Atonement doesn't just cover our sins, it's so much more. 

In The Book of Mormon we read "And he shall go forth, suffering pains and afflictions and temptations of every kind; and this that the word might be fulfilled which saith he will take upon him the pains and the sicknesses of his people. And he will take upon him death, that he may loose the bands of death which bind his people; and he will take upon him their infirmities, that his bowels may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities."

Seriously, it just keeps getting better. And that's the purppose of the gospel. It's the hope that we all need in mortality.

I know that my Redeemer lives and it is because of Him that I am here today. I know that the true gospel of Jesus Christ, the same one that He Himself established here on earth, is found in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know that He will come to earth once more and that is the day we are all preparing for.

I invite all of you to really ponder your personal testimony of Jesus Christ and how His Atonement has blessed you. I then invite you all to share this video with your friends and in it include your testimony of Jesus Christ.

We are all children of God. We all have trials and heartbreaks. We are all brothers and sisters. And we will all live again.

I leave my testimony with you in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

With all of my love,

Sister Nelson
(email received April 14, 2014)